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Soapstone Countertops: Should I Invest in Soapstone Countertops? | Soapstone International, Inc.

Soapstone countertops are the next big thing in the kitchen countertop world and are making waves globally. Should you invest in soapstone countertops? Going by its overwhelming popularity and the array of benefits it offers, it would certainly be a good decision! These countertops are mainly preferred by home owners on account of their durability and resistance to multiple harmful elements. The benefits are more than any other counter material can give you including resistance to stains and spills which are things that people tend to worry about while cooking. 

Liquid absorption is nil in the case of soapstone countertops owing to its non porous attributes. This makes these countertops a popular choice for laboratories and research centers globally and the same benefits can now be applied to your home as well. Resistance to heat is another huge benefit that home owners will surely appreciate! You can place heated pans and pots on soapstone countertops seamlessly without any anxieties it will never damage your countertop. 

The only possible con associated with soapstone is that it might suffer little scratches or marks in case of contact between dust, metal object scraping it and rock bits. All these marks can be removed easily with sanding and this is a process that does not require alot of time. Learn how to remove scratches, dents or cracks in soapstone Click Here

Proper care mechanisms must be followed for soapstone countertops including the application of sealers, mineral oil and other necessary elements. If you like brightly colored countertops, you will not have access to a large variety in this case. Soapstone countertops usually come in light grey and white and pale green is sometimes witnessed at stores. The color is mainly influenced by the area from where the stone originates. You will have to apply mineral oil in multiple layers for an extended time period to actually create darker shades for soapstone countertops. 
Another aspect that you must keep in mind is that these countertops might be a little more expensive as compared to granite countertops. However, the sheer plethora of benefits make them value for money acquisitions after all. You will always have multiple textures to choose from while ordering and can opt for high polish finishes as well. Refining soapstone is a simple process and can be carried out as per customer preferences. The soft finish is something that you will cherish without a doubt! 

Soapstone countertops can actually give you high returns on your investment once you decide to sell your home. Soapstone countertops also last for a lifetime and do not require replacements, thereby bringing down potential costs in the long run. 

Installation charges are quite low as setting up soapstone countertops is easier as compared to other counterparts. This can even be done personally with a little time and effort. Soapstone countertops age impeccably and outlive generations at a time. Considering cost effectiveness and the advantages, it would be fair to say that a soapstone countertop will actually be a fantastic investment for your kitchen! 

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Soapstone Countertops: Why Soapstone is a Popular Choice | Soapstone International, Inc.

Soapstone countertops are increasingly popular among contemporary customers and home owners. This is mainly because of the multifarious advantages provided by these countertops. Soapstone countertops have a natural surface that are considered immensely superior to granite, marble and quartz countertops. Soapstone countertops provide top notch durability, density and aesthetic appeal in addition to enhanced workability and eco-friendly attributes. 
There are multiple hardness variations for this type of rock and the softest variety is mainly used for sculptural purposes while harder types are used for tables, surfaces, and tiles. Soapstone countertops are designed to last long due to their inherent attributes. They are resistant and impervious when it comes to most chemicals and liquids also. Soapstone countertops last for an entire lifetime without any cracks, chinks or other wear and tear and this is the biggest advantage they provide for home owners.
Aesthetic appeal is another USP of soapstone countertops and they come in a plethora of styles and designs. Home owners are assured of possessing only unique countertops without replication in other homes. Stone color usually depends on the area from where it is sourced and this includes pale green, light grey and even marble like veining in case slabs are imported from Brazil. The application of mineral oil to these countertops may help darken the texture a bit if you wish. The beauty of these countertops makes them a perfect fit for any high end, luxury home.  

Soapstone countertops are resistant to damages garnered from excessive heat. Stains do not sit on it for long and spills and other problems are not issues while cooking on these countertops. Only stainless steel comes close to them when it comes to hassle free usage in the kitchen and this is another benefit of using these marvels. Being naturally non porous, liquid absorption is a strict no-no. Simply wiping off acidic liquids is all you need to do and nothing else. High density levels negate the need for a sealant. 

As a result, bacteria and germs are naturally kept at bay by soapstone countertops and this provides a healthier living environment for family members. 
Soapstone countertops are also deemed to be environmentally friendly owing to their bevy of attributes. These countertops are painstakingly harvested and thereafter customized to fit kitchens. This makes them a great natural and recyclable alternative to other countertop types. You do not need to make use of toxic cleaners, chemicals or sealants when it comes to these countertops and this makes it eco-friendly for homes. The aesthetic appeal of soapstone countertops negates the need to use artificial and potentially harmful enhancements. 
As a result, soapstone countertops are immensely popular with customers in urban areas and more and more people are waking up to the benefits they offer. Cost effectiveness is but a natural benefit as well, going by the durability of these countertops and they make for a charming yet effective presence in any contemporary home and kitchen. 
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Soapstone Countertops: Should I use Soapstone for my Kitchen or Bathroom? | Soapstone International, Inc.

Soapstone countertops, while its not the most well known stone around, its been around for centuries. Also, not surprisingly, soapstone is widely misunderstood. There are common myths about soapstone, but our soapstone specialists have answered the most frequently asked questions so you can decide which stone will fit within your needs.

Q: Is soapstone too soft to use for a kitchen or bathroom countertops? 
This is by far, the #1 question that our clients have about Soapstone. It is probably the word "soap" that throws everyone for a loop. The answer is "no," soapstone is not too soft—If you do have some surface damage that you want to remove, then pull out some 200-400 grit sandpaper, sand the area till the dent is removed. Then follow up with an oil of choice (coconut, mineral, olive) to darken the new light section. It's that easy!

Q: Where did the name Soapstone come from? 
The name Soapstone came from the high degree of talc in it. The talc gives soapstone a warm, soft feeling—a feeling that cold, hard granite certainly does not have. This is why many people use soapstone on their bathroom floors, bathrooms and showers.

Q: Which one is a better choice: Soapstone or Granite? 
We are soapstone specialists, so of course we are going to say soapstone! But really, which one is better? It depends on your needs, but one advantage to soapstone is that it is nearly impervious to staining, unlike granite. Soapstone is very dense and resists staining. If for some reason the stone appears to be a darker color, all you need is a little bit of sanding or a new layer of oil to renew the color. Few other kitchen or bathroom countertop materials can claim this.

Q: Does soapstone scratch and dent? 
Yes, but not as easily as you might imagine. This is why many college and high school campus' use soapstone in their chemistry labs! Owners of soapstone counters are divided on the issue. Some think that soapstone dents and scratches too much; others think it dents just enough. But no owner will ever claim that soapstone doesn't scratch and dent! That's pretty much a given. The selling point is that even though it dents and scratches, it is easy and doesn't cost more than $10 to fix.

Q: Do you need to seal soapstone? 
No. But you do need to apply mineral, coconut or olive oil initially and then follow up with (your preferred) oil treatments about once a month for a year. This is not sealing, since soapstone does not absorb the mineral oil (granite does require sealing). The mineral oil helps the stone oxidize and enriches the veins and color.

Q: What color is soapstone? 
Soapstone counters are light-gray at first. After application of oil, they take on a charcoal-gray color. There are several different types of soapstone, some have more veins than others.

Q: Is soapstone the choice countertop? 
Soapstone is the choice countertop for many homeowners for these reasons:
  • Soapstone does not stain.
  • Soapstone counters are not harmed by hot pots, citrus, wine, acids or chemicals.
  • The only maintenance recommended, not required, is the mineral oil treatment to enhance the natural darkening process the stone goes through and to ensure the soapstone darkens evenly. Mineral oil is not recommended to protect the soapstone, it does not need protection since it is naturally non porous.
  • Cleaning your soapstone countertops can be done with any of the common household cleaners, you don't need to buy special sealants or other "hard to find" often harsh chemicals.
  • The cost of soapstone is comparable to other natural stones.
  • Soapstone can be offered in a variety of different textures, unlike most other natural stones that are only available with a high polished finish. Some clients like the stone to feel rougher to the touch, others like it a little smoother and some like it in between, we can please all tastes by re-finishing the top of the slabs, at no additional cost. 

Q: Are soapstone countertops hard to install? 
No. No more difficult than granite. You can actually "Do it Yourself" to save the cost of installation. 

Q: Where can I find more information about soapstone counters? 
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Buying Kitchen Countertops: What You Should Know about Soapstone | Soapstone International, Inc.

Buying Kitchen Countertops: What You Should Know about Soapstone

Soapstone is elegant, but can also add a boldness to any decor. With its light gray surface and subtle veins, soapstone merges old-world charm with modern beauty. Hot pans won't damage the stone, lemon and tomato juice won't discolor it, and it highly sanitary. Homeowners use this stone in several decor styles such as contemporary, country, traditional and french.

What Is Soapstone? 
Soapstone is also known as steatite or soaprock, and consists of metamorphic rock. It is composed primarily of talc, as well as magnesium, mica, quartz, chlorite and iron. These natural stones were made over time and under extreme pressure, due to the harsh enviroment, soapstone is extrememly durable, with standing heat up to 2000 degrees and will not discolor or stain.
View Soapstone Kitchen Countertops
A beautiful and industructable stone, meant for your home!

Considerations When Choosing Soapstone Countertops

Thickness and Edges. Most manufacturers of soapstone recommend an inch and a quarter thick countertops. Seams are virtually invisible. Preferred edge options include squared, eased, beveled, bullnose, radius and double radius.

Care and Maintenance. Unlike other stones, soapstone won't absorb stains and discolorations, so it simply doesn't require sealers. Stains and blemishes are only skin deep and can be removed with gentle sanding. Applications of mineral oil will remove most scratches. Light gray soapstone darkens over time, accentuating its gray veining. Regular applications of mineral oil enhance its beauty.
Wipe the countertop with a soft cloth and warm water. Mild household cleansers are suitable. Soapstone benefits from regular applications of mineral oil and will darken over time.
The Bottom Line. An age-old option, soapstone is at home in any style, from traditional to contemporary. Soft to the touch, the surface ages gracefully and lasts for years.

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    The Indestructable Kitchen Countertop - Soapstone | Soapstone International, Inc.

    The Indestructable Kitchen Countertop - Soapstone

    If you spent any time in high school chemistry class, you probably remember the black indistructable countertop. Those countertops were made of soapstone. It had to be indistructable if fire, chemicals and rowdy school children we involved. Soapstone has been a must have in science labs for ages because it's extremely durable and impervious to virtually all chemicals. Yes even battery acid! 

    Your soapstone countertop weither in your indoor or outdoor kitchen, bathroom or whatever room you envision a soapstone countertop in, will with stand any heat, liquid or chemical that it comes into contact with. Many homeowners use soapstone for countertops, fireplace mantels, bathroom showers and bath tubs, sinks and back splashes. The list goes on, if you can think it, we can do it.

    Unlike granite and marble, it's nonporous and chemically neutral, so problem spills - red wine, lemon acid, tomato sauce, olive oil, and such - just aren't a problem. The stone is also temperature neutral, so red hot cookware placed on top won't even phase the stone. This is why more homeowners prefer soapstone over granite or other stones.

    Soapstone Countertops Sizes

    & Pricing Options

    For kitchen and bathroom soapstone countertops, we recommend using 
    1 1/4" thick soapstone which, unlike thinner material, doesn't require a sub-base on your cabinets. 

    Most backsplash soapstone material is made of 1-1/4" thick soapstone.

    Generally, our slabs run 30" x 84", be aware that slabs longer than seven feet require more than one piece, which means there will be a seam. When done properly, seams are virtually invisible.

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    Granite vs. Soapstone for a Kitchen or Bathroom Countertop? | Soapstone International, Inc.

    Soapstone International, Inc. - Soapstone is often, widely misunderstood. What is Soapstone? Should I use soapstone in my bathroom or kitchen? We have the answers to many questions people commonly ask us about Soapstone. 

    Q: Is Soapstone too soft of a stone to use for a kitchen or bathroom countertop? 
    No. Soapstone is not too soft of a stone for your kitchen or bathroom countertop. SSoapstone is often for carving and sculpture. The carving Soapstone is much softer and comes in more colors than the hard architectural Soapstone that is used for countertops. Soapstone is often used for carving and sculpture, and this may throw people off, too. But this is a different, softer type of soapstone, not the countertop material soapstone. 

    Q: Why is it called soapstone? 
    Soapstone, Soaprock, also known as Steatite has a high amount of the mineral talc and is rich in magnesium. A very long time ago it was decided that Soapstone feels much like a bar of soap to the touch. Hence the name.Soapstone is also known by other names depending on the region where it is from.   

    Q: Soapstone vs. Granite—which should I choose? 
    It depends on your needs, but let's mention one strong feature of soapstone: it is nearly impervious to staining. Many people feel granite is best type of kitchen or bathroom countertop material available, although, this reputation is largely unfounded because granite can stain very easily. On other hand, Soapstone is very dense and resists staining, altogether! Few other countertop materials can claim this.

    Q: What does Soapstone look like? 
    Soapstone varies in color and veining, depending on the soapstone slab you purchase. It's one of a kind! Which makes it unique - no one will have your same soapstone countertop look! View our current Inventory of Soapstone.  

    Q: Does soapstone scratch and dent?  
    Yes, Soapstone like other countertops can scratch or dent. The difference is that Soapstone 
    Is not harmed by a scratch, chip or dent. It can be easily and quickly repaired or oiled/waxed 
    to cover.  Anytime you want to make your countertop look like the day of installation, you would 
    Lightly sand the entire surface and it will become the original color again. The counter will look new and you can oil/wax the surface of the Soapstone to darken.
    Q: Do you need to seal soapstone? 
    No. Soapstone should never be sealed. It is inert and sealed by nature. Oil or wax can be applied to enhance the colors already present on the surface. The oil/wax causes the surface to darken becoming black or charcoal gray in the background while the veining and anomalies become very visible against the darker color.  Oiling/waxing is not necessary to preserve Soapstone and it will darken with age gradually. Soapstone seems to love oil/wax and so whenever it comes in contact with oil/wax it darkens. Some persons choose to never oil, allowing Soapstone to patinate slowly and comfortably in its own environment without enhancement.

    Q: What color is soapstone? 
    Soapstone is a light to charcoal gray in its raw form. With oiling/waxing it will become a deeper charcoal gray to black in the background highlighting the veins and other swirls and ribbons of white, cream, caramel, green and brown in a beautiful way. It seems to say "I am Soapstone".

    Q: Are soapstone countertops hard to install? 
    Not for an experienced Soapstone fabricator. Some persons decide to go with the DIY route 
    with Soapstone. This is fine under certain circumstances. Keep in mind that Soapstone weighs nearly 20 pounds per square foot so will be very heavy to maneuver. Soapstone International will be happy to recommend a skilled and experienced Soapstone fabricator in your area.

    Q: Where can I purchase soapstone slabs for my countertops? 
    Soapstone International, Inc.  has a selection of Soapstone slabs for purchase by the public.
    We have a location in North San Diego County and Anaheim in Orange County.

    Click Here to get a FREE Soapstone Estimate Online! 
    Email Us at Soapstone International, Inc. for further questions or inquiry about your Soapstone needs. 

    Soapstone is Cost Effective, Durable and Easy to Maintain | Soapstone International, Inc.

    Soapstone International, Inc. offers a wide range of expertly crafted soapstone to fit your needs and your budget. We are the choice distributor for Southern California including: San Diego, San Bernadino, Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Redlands, Upland, Bakersfield and Santa Barbara.
    As Soapstone Specialists, our goal is to match your personal vision with our beautiful soapstone collection and surpassing customer service. We are proud and privileged to offer Barroca soapstone, [the classic look in Soapstone] Santa Rita Venata soapstone, Belvedere soapstone, Python soapstone from Brazil. We share years of experience in the soapstone industry with our supplier that travels the globe searching for quality Soapstone.
    Soapstone is Cost Effective, Durable and Easy to Maintain

    Homeowners are generally surprised how easy it is to care for their Soapstone countertops. Because Soapstone is non-porous, it is chemical; stain, and weather resistant. There are just a few things you should know before you buy and install soapstone kitchen countertops, soapstone kitchen sinks, soapstone fireplace mantles or soapstone bathroom tubs or showers from Soapstone International, Inc. if you have any questions, please 
    call us at: 877-732-2180.

    Barroca Soapstone, Belvedere Soapstone, Python Soapstone and Santa Veneta Soapstone for your Kitchen, Bathroom, Indoor Fireplaces and Outdoor Kitchens
    Use Soapstone for your Coutnertops: Soapstone is Durable and Easy to Maintain!

    How to Care and Maintain a Soapstone Countertop

    For those that want to enjoy the darker color of a soapstone countertop, mineral oil can be used to bring out the rich beauty of the stone. Once your soapstone countertop is installed you can follow these simple instructions:

    1. Vacuum the countertop to remove any dust or dirt.
    2. Clean the countertop with a clean cloth and 
    denatured alcohol.
    3. Once the alcohol dries, apply mineral oil to the 
    countertop with a soft cloth. 
    4. Wipe off any access with paper towel.
    5. Continue to apply the oil twice a week until the desired color is acquired.
    6. Follow-up with an application every 1-3 months to maintain the desired effect.

    M. Teixeira Soapstone has available for online purchase a lighter grade of mineral oil perfect for maintaining a soapstone countertop. You’ll find this oil much easier to apply than the standard drugstore mineral oil. Visit our online store where you can purchase Soapstone mineral oil.

    Soapstone International Inc. maintains a stock of grade A Soapstone from Brazil and India. Our inventory stock changes as we move the stone through our warehouse. We work closely with M. Teixeira Soapstone to bring you the best soapstone variety for your individual design preferences.

    Click Here to get a FREE Soapstone Estimate Online!
    Email Us at Soapstone International, Inc. for further questions or inquiry about your Soapstone needs.